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June 27, 2023 – Oslo, Norway

The project will match an estimated ammonia fuel demand between 2025-2030 with an optimized
fuel value chain from production to consumption, focusing on efficient distribution and establishment of bunkering terminals at strategic locations.

Based on a long running dialogue about ammonia fuel and bunkering, the parties decided to establish the “AFNO 2030 – Ammonia fuel for the Norwegian offshore sector 2025-2030” project. The project will study how clean ammonia can be introduced as a fuel to decarbonize the Norwegian offshore sector and will cover logistical optimization, operational planning, and safety aspects. Clean ammonia holds great potential as a fuel to decarbonize the maritime industry, as it can be burned in an engine or a fuel cell but does not contain carbon – hence no CO2 is emitted. Key challenges being overcome include safety aspects related to ammonia toxicity and corrosivity.

“AFNO 2030” planned activities are divided in three main categories:

  1. Develop an estimated ammonia fuel demand timeline.
  2. Develop a fuel supply value chain development plan.
  3. Perform site-specific location planning for bunkering.

We look forward to working with Equinor to showcase how clean ammonia can be utilized to decarbonize the Norwegian offshore sector. Equinor can play an important role in the maritime green shift – as a first mover to utilize the fuel, technologies and bunkering infrastructure required for the industry to make the leapsays Håkon Skjerstad, newly appointed CEO at Azane Fuel Solutions.

Ammonia fuel bunkering network

This project expands upon the established groundwork of the “AFBN – Ammonia fuel bunkering network” project during the past two years in. Led by Azane Fuel Solutions in a consortium that includes partners like Yara Clean Ammonia, SINTEF, and Fjord Base (Norway’s largest offshore supply base), the project now welcomes Equinor as an associated partner to AFBN. Together, these collaborations aim to advance the ammonia fuel bunkering domain, leveraging the expertise and resources of all involved parties.

In April 2022 it was announced that Yara has pre-ordered up to 15 ammonia bunkering terminals to sufficiently cover the Scandinavian market in a multi-year contract with Azane Fuel Solutions. The network of carbon-free floating bunkering terminals is a major step towards making shipping fossil-fuel free.

Azane Fuel Solutions

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